• Meaghan Goodman, Phd, CCC-SLP • Maryville University

Identifying & Overcoming White Bias to Provide Culturally Responsive Care

The field of speech-language pathology practitioners is overwhelmingly white. White bias influences how we decorate our therapy spaces and the therapy materials we utilize in those spaces. How do we, as practitioners, demonstrate dedication to inclusion, representation and culturally responsive care? This session will identify and review the implications of white bias. The importance of recognizing one’s own racial bias will be discussed. Ways to overcome white bias will be shared. Participants will be invited to consider the importance of representation in physical spaces and in our therapeutic materials. Lastly, the presenter will share resources for diversifying space and materials.

1. Define white bias
2. List steps to identify and overcome our own biases.
3. Identify where white bias exists in common SLP therapy materials.
4. Interpret therapeutic space and what materials need more representation.
5. List resources to diversify therapy spaces and materials.

Instructional Level: Intermediate Track: SLP/Multi-Interest